The goal of this plan is to cultivate sunshine youth with balanced development physically, mentally, and spiritually. The balance development can be recognized by the youth's quality of being energetic, cheerful, and delighted to help others and to care about the society. This plan impels four strategies as follow:

  1. Organizing themed interpersonal communication workshops to popularize the knowledge of equality between sexes, establish fine interpersonal interaction relationships, and cultivate sunshine youth who are healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  2. Impelling health management, such as teaching healthy diet and lifestyle and establishing concepts of first aid and disease prevention, to live up to the practice of healthy living and hence form the basis of having energy, vigor, and longevity.
  3. Organizing sport competitions to not only provide training for students to have a healthy physique, but also to foster sturdy sportsmanship, and fully demonstrate the energy and vigor of sunshine youth.
  4. Encouraging students to bring their creativity into full pay, to combine both intramural and extramural resources, to spread the concepts of creativity and innovation into the community, and to provide feedback and care about the society.