The Educational Goals of National Sun Yat-sen University

ˇDThe Enhancement of Academic Professionalism
ˇDThe Inculcation of the Spirit of Humanism
ˇDThe Pursuit of Unlimited Creativity and Innovation
ˇDThe Cultivation of Global Perspectives
ˇDThe Balanced Promotion in All-around Education

The general goal of NSYSU's is "the contribution to society through cultivating leaders across all fields." In order to fully achieve this overall goal, NSYSU establishes five educative aims: "the enhancement of academic professionalism," "the inculcation of the spirit of humanism," "the pursuit of unlimited creativity and innovation," "the cultivation of global perspectives," and "the balanced promotion in all-around education" in students.

"The enhancement of academic professionalism" aims to cultivate the professionalism of students and in result increase their competitiveness in the career fields "The inculcation of the spirit of humanism" is not only to cultivate in students the breadth of mind to respect, care, and serve, but also to enrich their knowledge in humanities and manners so that the students would possess the disposition of a cosmopolite. "The pursuit of unlimited creativity and innovation" intends to broaden students' perspectives by expressing their potential creativity in new ideas and to prepare them for an era in which the knowledge-economy is highly developed. "The cultivation of global perspectives" aims to encourage student to possess global awareness and professionalism, so that they can, in turn, possess the ability to compete in exploring global development. "The balanced promotion in all-around education" aspires to refine students into well-rounded youth who flourish with integrity the five merits ˇVmoral development, intellectual development, physical development, cooperative attitude, and aesthetic understanding.