It is widely accepted that university education needs not only to introduce new academic researches, but also to bear the social responsibility of pass down knowledge and wisdom. In other words, the value of university is not only in providing the teaching resources for teachers to have a fine academic research space, but also in storing the wisdom that assist students to step into the society and create new prospect in the future. From this we can see that the teaching quality of university teachers governs the students' motivation and results in absorbing knowledge, and further impacts the direction of development of students and the society.

In order to improve the teaching quality of universities, the Ministry of Education enforces the University Departmental Evaluation System to ensure the quality of courses, teachers, and facilities in every university departments in the nation. To match up with the policy and strive for improving the status of a "Research University" that has the common practice of putting more effort on "researching" and less on "teaching," NSYSU started in 2006 to offer teacher workshops on a regular basis, which provide courses such as:

  1. Sharing teaching experience
  2. Improving teaching techniques
  3. Developing professional teaching knowledge

These courses aim to enhance teachers' teaching initiative and techniques. Furthermore, with these workshops, NSYSU hopes to condense again the teaching devotion and professional ability of the teaching teams, and thus construct the common solidarity of the NSYSU teaching team.